Get Your Travel & Tourism Content Translated into Multiple Languages

Do you know that 75% Of Tourists Need Travel Information In Their Native Language?

Whether you’re an airline, hotel, destination or a travel agency, one of the most important point is to reach your potential customers in their preferred language. LCS® is the most trusted provider of language translation services to travel and hospitality companies.

Custom Made Travel Translations

We at LCS® a huge amount of experience in the hospitality sector and offer great attractive prices for you to reach the market faster and cheaper. We provide accurate translations in any language. We can select a pricing model that best suits your language pairs and timelines so that you never pay more than you need to get a quality translation.

What we offer

  • Extremely fast project turnaround.
  • Unprecedented translation scalability.
  • Social media translation adept.
  • High quality bilingual subject matter experts.
  • Great service through efficiency.

Terminology Management

It is very important that the words and phrases are uniformly translated for consistency. Consistency in the usage of words is very important for any particular industry. Terminology management ensures that this happens. Working in close collaboration with our clients, we ensure terminology management for consistency in language. The terminology management process does not finish once the term base has been built. We keep updating the terminology database for future or ongoing requirements

Why is terminology management important?

The consistent use of the company’s terminology during the translation ensures that:

  • Save time by streamlining the process
  • Clarity and avoid misunderstandings
  • Quality assurance of the source text and the translated text is easier
  • Consistency in communication and thus create greater customer satisfaction
  • Save money by increasing consistency in the source text and translated text
  • You save time on clarification of questions
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