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eLearning Translation & Localization Services

By employing a team of linguists with an experience in translations, we are able to provide world class multilingual learning solutions.

LCS® has been providing eLearning translations in all Indian and Foreign languages to help you deliver instruction and content to customers, employees and end users around the globe. Whether your focus is educating and orienting a global workforce or delivering on-demand research and collaboration, LCS® has the expert knowledge and proven experience to help you make the most of your global learning and training programs. We provide fast turnaround, accurate and 24-hour customer support, with a proven track record of delivering projects on-time and in-budget.

Common eLearning Multimedia and Documents We localize

LCS's® specialized eLearning localization team can localize any eLearning content including:

eLearning Workflow

LCS's® eLearning process encompasses translation and localization, voiceovers, seamless integration (both voice and content), which makes the final deliverable having the same user experience as the source files.

  • Translation - LCS's® expert linguists perform text translation of all training materials including slides, notes, and website content. Our 3-tier translation process ensures accuracy and consistency across all project components.
  • Multimedia Production - We do voiceovers and subtitling for audio/video files and DTP services for documents and graphics.
  • Localization - Our team of localization experts review translated content, making sure that materials are culturally appropriate for the target audience.
  • Integration - Our project managers integrate all components including audio, video, and animation to function seamlessly and provide end users with the same experience as the original English content.
  • Turnkey Solution - LCS® offers customized turnkey solution from localizing eLearning content in the source format (Storyline, Lectora, Captivate, XML, HTML5 or other format) to exporting a SCORM package with the completed course to load on a Learning Management System or Platform.
  • Delivery - We deliver the completed files in your preferred format on-time and in budget.

eLearning Localization Expertise

In a global business environment, the localization of eLearning tools is essential for training new team members and future professionals. LCS's® eLearning localization group has years of experience localizing complex eLearning projects. Our team includes expert linguists, desktop publishing and typesetting specialists, voiceover talent, and project managers experienced in providing multilingual eLearning localization services. We have subject matter expertise in dozens of fields including engineering, marketing, finance, and IT. Whether you need to translate a course module or localize a virtual learning environment (VLE), LCS's® team delivers consistent, high quality content across a wide range of eLearning formats and applications. Our expertise includes:

  • On-screen Text Translation
  • Script Translation
  • Audio Voiceovers
  • Localizing XML and Flash Content Subtitling Services
  • Formatting, typesetting and QA testing in source format (including Articulate Storyline, Captivate, Lectora and others)

Platforms and Environments we Work With

LCS's® eLearning localization team has expertise with a wide range of formats and eLearning tools. We work with the following platforms and environments:

Adobe Flash




Microsoft PowerPoint




LCS® Advantage

There is no substitute for experience in localizing eLearning modules and content. We understand each training course and module is different and specific to the client. LCS's® team of experienced project managers, linguists, voiceover talents and technical experts will ensure all eLearning courses and modules are analysed efficiently, translated and localized accurately, and delivered on-time and in budget.