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Do you require interpreting services in any city? Do you require interpreters for machine installation work or for a business meeting?

LCS® can help you with interpreting services in more than 100 languages in shortest time span possible. We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for business meetings, conferences or one on one communication. We have native speakers of the target language who have the requisite industry experience and/or subject matter expertise.


At LCS® our interpreters are experienced professionals who provide excellent customer experience.

They act as neutral professionals, transferring messages between the parties, ensuring smooth communication, and helping them avoid misunderstandings.

There is no second chance in interpreting, LCS's team of seasoned professionals will provide you with interpretation services you can count on.

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Language Interpretation

Interpretation means conveying the message of the speaker to the intended audience through verbal communication or sign-language where both the speaker and the intended audience are oblivious to each other's language. Interpretation is often confused with translation. Interpretation does not mean word by word translation of the speaker's speech but communicating the idea or concept of the speaker. Interpretation can be done simultaneously and consecutively.

As the name suggests, simultaneous interpretation (SI) demands the interpreter to interpret the message of the source language speaker as swiftly as possible in the target language while the source language speaker continues to speak. SI needs certain interpretation aids such as earphones, microphones, headsets which enable the interpreter to easily comprehend what the speaker is speaking and simultaneously deliver it to the target audience. SI is generally used in seminars or conferences. This mode of interpretation is also commonly used by sign-language interpreters where the message may be delivered to or conveyed from hearing impaired personnel.

In consecutive interpretation (CI), the interpreter speaks after the source-speaker has finished speaking or takes pause. Interpreter then conveys the message in the target language. In CI the interpreter has to rely upon his memory. It could be possible that the source speaker does not take a pause before finishing off his idea. The CI interpreter stands along with or sits beside the source speaker and can take notes which he can use to deliver the message.

Interpretation is not that an easy task as it may seem. The interpreters have to be on their toes and must have good hold of the languages for which they are employed. At LCS®, we provide professional interpretation services. Our interpreters are seasoned enough to deliver their services in international conferences, business meetings, seminars, immigration services and a lot many other areas. In business meetings or seminars, it is very much essential to comprehend the intended meaning of the source-language speaker. If the interpreter fails to do so the whole purpose of the event may be defeated. So, it is very must essential to hire the interpreting services of an established company. In terms of trust and professionalism LCS® is a leading name! We provide different interpretation modes and cover a wide range of languages.

Book Translation & DTP Services

Translated 6 Books into 10 Indian Languages for MSME, Govt. Of India. Translated & Designed into 10 Indian Regional Languages (Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu)

Magazine Translations

A Government of India Magazine translated into Foreign Languages (Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, French, German, Italian, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Sinhalese, Spanish, Sri Lankan Tamil, Urdu)

Website Translations & Uploading through CMS

Website translation into Multiple Languages & content uploading through CMS into Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

eLearning Localization Services

BYJU's Maths, Physics, Chemistry & Biology videos Transcribed, Translated/Localized & Voice Over done into Hindi for Class 6 & Class 7

Case Studies


Ministry of External Affairs
Language Consultancy Services Private Limited has been handling the work of Arabic translations and maintaining the official website of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India in Arabic language. They have also been doing translations from English to Assamese, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam and from Hindi to English. Apart from this they have also done transcription work for the Ministry. They have been professional and have delivered quality work within stipulated timelines in translations and managing our website.
Population Services International
Language Consultancy Services Private Limited has been working with us and supporting us on translations in several languages Urdu, Bengali, Oriya, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese, Manipuri, Kashmiri, Mizo, Naga, Kasi, Garo and Jaintia. They have been very professional and have delivered high quality work in translations and designing services (IT related). They have good knowledge of IT domain and have helped us in providing us print-ready files in their course of work with us.
Language Consultancy Services Private Limited has been working with us and supporting us on translations from the year 2006. They are very professional and have delivered high quality work. They have good knowledge of IT domain and have helped us in translations, language review, voice-overs, language and voice mapping needs in their course of work with us.

Since 2005 more than 1000's of customers have trusted LCS®

ISO 9001:2015 quality certified

Language Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is 9001:2015 certified for quality management for its translation and related services.

As LCS® is ISO certified, we comply with the quality procedures to ensure we meet the requirements for high quality delivery. It means that required quality management process is followed for the delivery of high quality translation services that meets client expectations, as outlined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The basis of quality management certification is to ensure that a company follows the laid down best practices and procedures of quality and delivery management. LCS® has in place the processes and resources to deliver translation services that will meet client specifications and also has all relevant industry codes and best-practice guides to ensure quality and consistency.